Thursday, November 19, 2009

Suited Simulators for WSN

Suited Simulators for WSN
Simulation is the best desired way to get and confirm about the reliable results for rising issue of research. But choosing the right and completely accepted simulator for any research subject is also a main issue, and this is issue is more important specially in the case of any new emerging field of research like wireless sensor network (WSN). Here, we are trying to describe some important simulators specially for WSN, almost for all purposes for WSN.
1. ns2
2. GloMoSim
3. Castaila
4. OPnet++
5. Sesor sim
6. Jsimulink
7. Sesor sense
8. Snet Sim
9. SeaWind
10. MaRS
11. PowerTOSSIM
13. Tython
14. SensorSim
15. Aeon
16. EmStar
17. SENS
18. Avrora
19. Atemu
20. SWAN


  1. This is really very much meaningful for WSN researchers.

  2. can you tell me which simulator will be of best use for simulating various key distribution techniques in WSN?